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Web Design & Development

We're giving you a powerful website that goes way beyond the limits of using templates. While you focus on running your business, we’ll be working away in the design and development of your new visually stunning, powerful and responsive website to take your brand to the next level. With a fast growing mobile market, we specialize and adapt these beautiful websites with smart UI that adapts to varied resolution sizes.

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App Design & Development

We will give your brand a market-leading user experience in the design and development of your app. We work with wireframes and user journey mapping to ensure the best space allocation and prioritization of content and functionality. We then start the even more exciting process of designing, then developing your app tailored to your services and your brand.

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E-commerce Experience

We will deliver a seamlessly responsive e-commerce website for your users to really enjoy. How? By beautifully crafting and powerfully executing simple yet effective user experience through our expertise in e-commerce websites. We know that sales are a super important aspect of any e-commerce website, our aim is to make your e-commerce store as clear, relevant, user friendly and efficient as possible from start to finish.

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Branding & Identity

We really get to know each of the brands we work with. We make brands recognisable, creating visual images and messages delivered straight from your brand to your customers. We know what it takes to create and mould your identity as we build a strategy in developing mockups, logos, typography, colours and messaging.

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Work Process Stages
1. Meeting & Listening
2. Project requirements
3. Designing
4. Development
5. Pre-launch Test
6. Launch
7. Maintenance & Support
Meeting & Listening
Given the current situation with COVID19, we will most likely have a Google meet call and discuss your project scope. That’s a pleasant experience too. We will question several important details, that will help us shape up very well your real needs and goal. This is a crucial step – to understand correctly your project.
Project requirements
You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions here and get your answer. We will outline your goals and objectives of what you want to get out of your project. Here you may consider the type of website you want for example, a booking platform, e-commerce store or a static website. We will get to know your business, a little bit about yourself and the company, the flavour you’re thinking of, or perhaps you don’t really know, we can suggest some great ideas when it comes to designing and developing something special for you. If we need anything from you such as your current logo, brand colours, any content writing, images or stock based images, everything will be discussed here.
Every great design starts with some planning before the initial designs take place. We start with a sitemap and wireframe to define a nice flow and user experience of a website or an app for example. We use Adobe Xd in this case, an excellent UX/UItool for creating prototypes and mapping the user journeys and experiences. For the branding designs we will always start with some mockups, testing appropriate colour palettes and fonts that give the right message and feel of the brand. During this process we determine the overall look and style of the website, app, or branding based on colours, typography, images and visual hierarchy.
Great design is having a creation process that aligns with a strategy. All businesses today need a rich online presence. This stage is where we put everything we have in the initial design stages and implement them all into the development stages. We use advanced programs to ensure we build your website or app on a super smooth, fast running platform. We use Webflow which includes HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Pre-launch Test
Now that the designing and developing stages are done and dusted, its time to see if it all works to its best. Our sharp and efficient team of testers will go through your website or app with a fine tooth comb and test out the user journey, buttons, links and so on to see if it all makes sense and if the journey is how a customer would go through it to reach their end goals on the platform. We also put in place automated site crawlers to identify everything from user experience issues to simple broken links and fix up anything that needs perfecting.
Once everything's working beautifully, it's time to plan and execute your launch. We will execute the best ways to go about doing this, providing communication strategies of when, how and where to launch your website or application.
Maintenance & Support
Wow, looking good!
Now that you've spend some quality time and investment on your shiny, brand new, fully functioning website, you may be ready to show it off to your friends, family, customers and peers. All that hard work you’ve put into your business is laid out in front of you through an online shop front, having the potential of hundreds of traffic seeing your amazing new website. In fact, we’d even love to put your website on our Portfolio page because it deserves a spotlight in our hall of fame.
Just one more thing…
Every single day there are new features added to the internet to improve your online experience. Script and code is always changing, so unfortunately, everyone's website becomes out of date even the day after it becomes live. There’s also a highly likely factor that a major security problem or a non-functional feature will appear unexpectedly at any given moment. So, keeping your website up to date with regular maintenance is straightforward.
How can we help you stop your shiny new website from becoming old quickly
Regular monthly website maintenance is what will keep your website up to date, safe to use and working brilliantly. Avoiding regular checks can leave your site vulnerable to hacks, bugs and browser incompatibility. At 3TheMind we’ll always keep your website looking amazing, current and working brilliantly and smoothly. Additionally, if anything goes wrong with server or the website itself, we’ll be able to restore a backup and keep things running as smoothly as possible.
Maintenance will cover a lot of things on your website as well as keeping the platform and CMS running up to date. These will include:
1. Change of images
2. Change of text
3. Change of URL Links
4. Server script updates
5. Delete/Hide Items
6. Investigate when site goes offline
7. Framework adjustment Security Plugin updates
8. Ensuring the site is working in new and updated browsers
9. Device compatibility to ensure the site is working for all supported devices
10. Bug fixing for complex or functional websites
11. A guaranteed response time to your queries
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