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The Face is a beauty brand offering beauty treatments such as Laser Hair Removal, Microneedling, php hair treatments and more, as well as professional high end skincare products such as Obagi to skinceuticals. As with every one of our clients, we sat them down for a meeting to really get to know about their brand, their message and their goals to achieve the website of their dreams.

With so many attractive images popping out of the site, we were able to give this business a personality that truly shines in beauty. We’ve carefully thought about fonts, colours, layouts, spacing and text styles so nothing gets washed away on each page of the website.

We used engaging transitions, carefully thought out framework and layouts, titles and paragraph styles. The team have put together not just a website, but a striking brand into an online visual content. The information is not lost despite large background images, as we’ve really carefully thought about colours, tones and spacing. We organised the essential information on their homepage to attract customers to what they need, with appropriate call to action buttons in place to drive action and conversion from their website.

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